About Us

We all know the story about two individuals who were arguing over whether their glass of water was half full or half empty. You have one person who insists that the glass is half full, this is what we call an optimist. While the other person insists that the glass is half empty, this is what we call a pessimist. Typically, the story stops there and the rest is history, but did you know there was more? Well, while these two individuals were wasting time and arguing over whether or not the glass was half full or half empty, a third individual stepped up to the glass and drank it right in front of them! And this ladies and gentlemen is what we call an opportunist.

At Glasswater Digital we believe in helping small and medium size businesses seize their opportunity to leverage social media marketing to its full advantage and drive business like never before. Over the last decade there has been a dramatic shift in the way that people engage with local businesses and many of those businesses are left confused and completely miss the opportunity to connect with potential customers on social media. With eCommerce taking a majority of the new era shopping traffic, there’s never been a more critical time for local business to leverage the power of social media advertising. 

By partnering together, we can help your business thrive in this digital landscape! With every successful customer we will slowly rejuvenate the core of America’s economy and give you the ability to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Glasswater Digital – Opportunity for all.